I am asked “What kind of music do you like?” all too often. It’s the kind of question I can never answer to a satisfactory extent, so I decided to create a solution by aesthetically and dynamically presenting my recent music listening history.

My tastes vary a lot as the seasons change. My plan was to build a tool that displays my musical taste in the last month in a visually pleasing way. Being a member of Last.fm, I knew I had my listening data already being collected.

“What kind of music do you like?” interfaces with the Last.fm API to retrieve music data from my profile, as well as the option to grab data from other users. With a little extra front-end magic using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, the tool elegantly presents my favorite artists from the last 30 days.

Want to check it out? Have a peak at my latest music interests: music.payamyousefi.com